baal taiva


baal taiva (bahl TAY-vuh) listen


  • n. A greedy person, one driven by their desires (for food, sex, etc.)

Example Sentences

  • "He is such a baal taiva--when he's at a kiddush he is eating everything in sight."

Languages of Origin

  • Textual Hebrew
  • Yiddish


  • Heb. בעל תאוה ba'al ta'ava 'master of desire', Yid. בעל־תּאװה baltayve 'greedy person'

    • Who Uses This

      • Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


      • North America


      • None

      Alternative Spellings

      bal taavah, bal taava, ba'al-tayveh, ba'al-tayve, ba'al-tayvah, ba'al-tayva, ba'al-taiveh, ba'al-taive, ba'al-taivah, ba'al-taiva, ba'al-ta'aveh, ba'al-ta'ave, ba'al-ta'avah, ba'al-ta'ava, ba'al-taaveh, ba'al-taave, ba'al-taavah, ba'al-taava, ba'altayveh, ba'altayve, ba'altayvah, ba'altayva, ba'altaiveh, ba'altaive, ba'altaivah, ba'altaiva, baal-taaveh, baal-taave, baal-taavah, baal-taava, baaltayveh, baaltayve, baaltayvah, baaltayva, baaltaiveh, ba'alta'aveh, ba'alta'ave, ba'alta'avah, ba'alta'ava, ba'altaaveh, ba'altaave, ba'altaavah, ba'altaava, ba'al tayveh, ba'al tayve, ba'al tayvah, ba'al tayva, ba'al taiveh, ba'al taive, ba'al taivah, ba'al taiva, ba'al ta'aveh, ba'al ta'ave, ba'al ta'avah, ba'al ta'ava, ba'al taaveh, ba'al taave, ba'al taavah, ba'al taava, baal-tayveh, baal-tayve, baal-tayvah, baal-tayva, baal-taiveh, baal-taive, baal-taivah, baal-taiva, baal-ta'aveh, baal-ta'ave, baal-ta'avah, baal-ta'ava, baal taava, baal taavah, baal taave, baal taaveh, baal ta'ava, baal ta'avah, baal ta'ave, baal ta'aveh, baal taivah, baal taive, baal taiveh, baal tayva, baal tayvah, baal tayve, baal tayveh, baaltaava, baaltaavah, baaltaave, baaltaaveh, baalta'ava, baalta'avah, baalta'ave, baalta'aveh, baaltaiva, baaltaivah, baaltaive, bal taave, bal taaveh, bal ta'ava, bal ta'avah, bal ta'ave, bal ta'aveh, bal taiva, bal taivah, bal taive, bal taiveh, bal tayva, bal tayvah, bal tayve, bal tayveh, baltaava, baltaavah, baltaave, baltaaveh, balta'ava, balta'avah, balta'ave, balta'aveh, baltaiva, baltaivah, baltaive, baltaiveh, baltayva, baltayvah, baltayve, baltayveh, bal-taava, bal-taavah, bal-taave, bal-taaveh, bal-ta'ava, bal-ta'avah, bal-ta'ave, bal-ta'aveh, bal-taiva, bal-taivah, bal-taive, bal-taiveh, bal-tayva, bal-tayvah, bal-tayve, bal-tayveh

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