beit midrash

Alternative Spellings

bet midrash, beys midrash, bays midrash, bais midrash, bet medrash, beit medrash, beys medrash, bays medrash, bais medrash, bet midresh, beit midresh, beys midresh, bays midresh, bais midresh, bet medresh, beit medresh, beys medresh, bays medresh, bais medresh, beth midrash, beis midrash, beis medrash, beis midresh, beis medresh, beismidrash, beismedrash, beismidresh, beismedresh, beysmidrash, baysmidrash, baismidrash, beysmedrash, baysmedrash, baismedrash, beysmidresh, baysmidresh, baismidresh, baismedresh, beysmedresh, baysmedresh


  • "Study hall" (Glinert)
  • "A religious school or synagogue Hebrew school" (JPS).

Example Sentences

  • "The Talmud class will meet on Tuesday in the bet midrash." (Glinert)
  • "He learns at the beit midrash."
  • "They beys medresh is around the corner."

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew


בית מדרש bet midrash, "house of study/interpretation"

Who Uses This

Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education
Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


North America


The Joys of Hebrew, by Lewis Glinert (New York, 1992).
The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words, by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic, (Philadelphia, 2001)

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