Alternative Spellings

sechiya, s'hiya, sehiya, s'khiya, sekhiya, s'chia, sechia, s'hia, sehia, s'khia, sekhia, s'chiyya, sechiyya, s'hiyya, sehiyya, s'khiyya, sekhiyya, s'chiyah, sechiyah, s'hiyah, sehiyah, s'khiyah, sekhiyah, s'chiah, sechiah, s'hiah, sehiah, s'khiah, sekhiah, s'chiyyah, sechiyyah, s'hiyyah, sehiyyah, s'khiyyah, sekhiyyah


  • swimming

Example Sentences

  • "After nikayon we have s'chiyah in the agam."
  • "This includes s’chiah in the agam for tzad aleph chanichim (swimming in the lake), hinuch (Jewish education), Tarbut Yisraelit (Israeli culture which includes shira and rikud), and all of the exciting chuggim (specialty activities).It is a wonderful way to start the kayitz." (https://www.campramahne.org/blog/today-take-camper-camp-day/)
  • "May their journey this summer be beautiful, filled with shira, song, rikud, dance, omanut, art, simcha, happiness, s'chiya, swimming, ruach, spirit, and chaverut, friendship." (https://reformjudaism.org/practice/prayers-blessings/prayer-campers)

Languages of Origin

Modern Hebrew


שחיה, 'swim, swimming'

Who Uses This

Camp: Jews who attend or work at a Jewish overnight summer camp


North America



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