• n. Hereness.

  • n. Diasporism.

  • n. "Strengthening Jewish communities wherever they live." (source)

Example Sentences

  • "J. Waks Cultural Centre runs SKIF, which is the youth group I go to... They teach us about Judaism and about chavershaft, yidishkait and doikait - which mean friendship and being good to others; Jewish identity and strengthening Jewish communities wherever they live." (source)

  • "Their non-Zionist jiddischkeit and principle of doikait, the struggle for Jewish rights and cultural autonomy wherever Jews were living, had to handle the realization of a Zionist national state with socialist ambitions." (source)

  • "However, the Folkists and the Jewish communists as well saw everything with 'Doikait' (here and now) i.e. in the daily life of the Jews in the Diaspora." (source)

  • "Diasporism takes root in the Jewish Socialist Labor Bund’s principle of doikayt—

    hereness—the right to be, and to fight for justice, wherever we are…Doikayt is about

    wanting to be citizens, to have rights, to not worry about being shipped off at any moment

    where someone else thinks you do or don’t belong…I name this commitment Diasporism." (Kaye, M. The Colors of Jews: Racial Politics and Radical Diasporism, p. 198).

Languages of Origin

  • Yiddish


  • דאָיִקייט doikayt 'hereness', from דאָ do 'here' plus ־יק -ik adjectival suffix plus ־קייט -kayt '-ness' suffix.

    • Regions

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      • Australia / New Zealand


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