shaliach (shah-LEE-ahkh) listen


  • n. An Israeli staff member at a non-Israeli summer camp, often a member of the Mishlachat.

  • n. A member of the Chabad Hasidic Jewish movement, sent to various locations, who promotes the practice of Judaism to those of Jewish background in locations around the world. 

  • n. A representative, delegate.

Example Sentences

  • "Hosting a shaliach can be an incredibly enriching experience." (source)

  • "Within the Lubavitch community, the title shliach evokes respect, perhaps even a tinge of envy. They are the chosen few, the elite. Children aspire to be shluchim, dreaming of manning a Chabad House in far-off exotic lands where strange languages are spoken." (source)

  • "That new shaliach from Israel came to give a talk on Bible history to our youth group." (Glinert)

Languages of Origin

  • Modern Hebrew
  • Textual Hebrew
  • Yiddish


  • TH > MH שָׁלִיחַ shaliakh 'emissary', Y שליח sheliekh

    • Who Uses This

      • Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)
      • Camp: Jews who attend or work at a Jewish overnight summer camp
      • Israel: Diaspora Jews who feel connected to Israel and have spent time there
      • Organizations: People involved in a professional or volunteer capacity with Jewish nonprofit organizations
      • Chabad: Jews affiliated with the Chabad Lubavitch movement


      • North America
      • Great Britain
      • South Africa
      • Australia / New Zealand


      • Yiddish and English: A Century of Yiddish in America, by Sol Steinmetz (Tuscaloosa, 1986).
      • The Joys of Hebrew, by Lewis Glinert (New York, 1992).

      Alternative Spellings

      shaleeach, shliach, shliakh, shaliakh, schliach, schliakh, sheliakh, shliakh, sheliach


  • plural: 'shlikhim'

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