hachnosas kallah

Alternative Spellings

hachnasat kallah, hachnasas kallah, hachnasat kala, hakhnoses kale


  • charitable support for poor young women to get married

Example Sentences

  • "Good evening. I've come for hachnasat kala for girls in Israel." (Glinert, The Joys of Hebrew)

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew


הכנסת כלה "marrying off the bride"

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)
Organizations: People involved in a professional or volunteer capacity with Jewish nonprofit organizations


North America, Israel


The Joys of Hebrew, by Lewis Glinert (New York, 1992).


Stress on last syllables in Modern Hebrew: hachnaSAT kaLA. On penultimate in Ashkenazi/Yiddish pronunciation, with a different vowel: hachNOsas KAla

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