Alternative Spellings

ongashnoskert, ongashnoshkert, ongeschnozkered, ongeshnozket, ongeshnoskert


  • inebriated, drunk

Example Sentences

  • "I came by bus accompanied by my friends and a bottle of brandy, which we finished even before the ceremony began. There was music. The food was simple- no speeches and we hardly received any presents. But what a great atmosphere!. Simie rescued me at the signing ceremony because he said I was 'ongeshnosket'." (

Languages of Origin



Unclear. May be a combination of אָנגעטרונקען ongetrunken ('inebriated') and פֿאַרשנאָשקעט farshnoshket ('drunk' - slang - see Stutshkov, Der Oytser fun der Yidisher Shprakh, p. 689), analogous with אָנגעשיכּורט ongeshikert 'drunk'

Who Uses This

Older: Jews who are middle-aged and older


South Africa




Used by older Jews in Capetown, South Africa. The variation in spelling between "ongeshnoskert" and "ongeshnoshkert" suggests that the word comes from the Lithuanian (Litvish) Yiddish speaking community, since "sibilant confusion" (e.g., s <-> sh) is a common feature of that Yiddish dialect, which was the predominant Yiddish dialect spoken in S. Africa. See

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