isru chag

Alternative Spellings

isru hag, isru-chag, Isru Chag


  • "The day after the end of Pesach, Sukkos, and Shavuos, regarded as a semi-holiday on which mourning is curbed and fasting prohibited" (Dictionary of Jewish Usage)

Example Sentences

  • "In truth, the celebration of Isru Chag has little effect on the day-to-day conduct of most people...unless one is a parent of a child in a religious school (which may be closed for Isru Chag)." (

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew


אסרו חג isru chag 'bind the festival offering' (from Psalm 118:27, part of the Hallel, recited on those 3 holidays)

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


North America


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Dictionary of Jewish Usage: A Guide to the Use of Jewish Terms, by Sol Steinmetz (Lanham, MD, 2005).

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