nicht shabbos geret

Alternative Spellings

nicht shabbos geret, nisht Shabes geredt, nisht af Shabbos geredt, nisht im Shabbos geredt, nisht um Shabbos geredt


  • Not to speak of on Shabbat (used when a subject is not suitable for the Holy Shabbat, primarily business and money manners, to indicate that one shouldn't discuss it). Usually followed by a short comment about the "forbidden" subject.

Example Sentences

  • On Shabbat: "I hear you're selling your car- how much are you asking?" "Nicht shabbos geret, $500."

Languages of Origin



ני(ש)ט nisht - not שבּת Shabbos - Shabbat גערעדט geredt - spoken

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)
Older: Jews who are middle-aged and older
Ashkenazim: Jews with Ashkenazi heritage


North America, Great Britain



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