Alternative Spellings

pishetel, pishetl, peshetl, pshetel


  • subtle or hair-splitting argument about a Jewish text
  • dvar torah (Orthodox)

Example Sentences

  • "Pshetl is always an attempt to find the dialectics in the most simple things, and this is what the talmudic scholars used to love." (
  • "why should our boys feel that it's ok for them to deviate and not lein or give a pshetel regardless of how uncomfortable he feels in the role of public speaking?" (
  • "At my bar mitzvah, my father went all out, so I prepared the parsha, which was a relatively short one, thank heavens, and memorized a 15 page lomdishe pshetl in yiddish. It took about 20-25 minutes to say. In middle of delivering the pshetl, one of my uncles asked me a kushya." (

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew, Yiddish


פּשטל pshetl (Yiddish diminutive of פּשט pshat)

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


North America



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