• An organized trip meant to expose participants to the work of a nonprofit organization, raise awareness of a cause, and/or deliver supplies or services to a deserving population. Unlike the Christian use of the word "mission," Jewish missions do not signify a proselytizing motive.

Example Sentences

  • "Messinger recently signed up for a five-day mission with the Jewish Federation of Greater Buffalo, one of two dozen local residents who visited the Jewish community in Havana, armed with much-needed supplies." (Buffalo News)

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Who Uses This

Organizations: People involved in a professional or volunteer capacity with Jewish nonprofit organizations


North America




Jews aren't the only ones to travel on philanthropic "missions," but in the Jewish context such missions almost never have an evangelizing component. The term "mission" also helps to distinguish a tourist trip from one with charitable intent. To say "I went on a mission to Ukraine" emphasizes that the trip was about philanthropy or service, not leisure.

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