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Alternative Spellings



  • rowdy non-Jewish hooligan (derogatory)

Example Sentences

  • "Friday night is yoks' night out"

Languages of Origin

Yiddish, English


Etymology unclear. Possibly from Yiddish יאָק '(dialectal) ninny, fool', more likely from Yiddish גוי "goy" said backwards (on Cockney slang-forming basis of "yob," a hooligan, from "boy") and with final devoicing. Another possibility is from the British city York, location of a massacre of Jews in 1190.

Who Uses This

Jews: Jews of diverse religious backgrounds and organizational involvements


Great Britain, South Africa




Diminutive forms also exist in British Jewish-English, namely "yeykl" (for a male) and "yeyklte" (for a female), which make use of Yiddish suffixes.

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