Alternative Spellings

khayev, chayev


  • Guilty of transgressing. Liable.

Example Sentences

  • "The braisa concludes that anyone who transgresses the words of the Chachamim is chayav misa." (
  • "Someone who squeezes out (wet) clothing until all the water has come out is chayav for laundering, since squeezing is part of the laundering process, just like stirring is part of cooking. There is no squeezing with hair, or leather, and one is not chayav for squeezing them." (

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew, Yiddish


Heb חייב khayáv, Yiddish חייבֿ kháyev

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


North America


Yiddish and English: A Century of Yiddish in America, by Sol Steinmetz (Tuscaloosa, 1986).


"Chayav misa" (חייב מיתה) means liable for the death penalty

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