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  • daytshmerish

    adj. (Of a Yiddish word or text, or of Yiddish speech) more German-like.

  • farbaysn

    n. Snacks.

  • geza

    n. Good lineage.

  • Itchy

    n. Ashkenazi Jew.

  • prakes

    n. Stuffed cabbage, also known by holiptshes, goluptshes, and golomkes, among other names.

  • snag

    n. Misnaged (non-Hasidic Orthodox Jew).

  • vig

    n. The commission one receives for conducting a transaction, usually gambling or drug deals, but can also be used in day-to-day transactions.

  • yainee

    n. Other types of chassidim [i.e. non-Chabad] , especially youth.