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  • geza

    n. Good lineage.

  • gondi

    n. A Persian Jewish soup, commonly prepared on Shabbat, consisting of a meatball/meat dumpling prepared with ground chickpeas in a chicken or meat broth.

  • Hadeed

    interj., adj. Awesome.

  • hajj

    v. To stop.

  • hak mir nisht keyn tshaynik

    (sentence) Lit. "Don't knock a teakettle at me!"

  • hamsayeh

    n. Neighbor.

  • Harry

    n. A single, yeshivish male (see bochur) who is less culturally yeshivish than his peers.

  • Haskalah

    n. 19th century Jewish Enlightenment, in which modern philosophy and literature entered Jewish consciousness

  • hishapcha

    n. Transformation to good.

  • hiskafya

    n. Self-control.

  • hitbodedut

    n. Solitary prayer.

  • igros

    n. The multi-volume collection of letters by the Lubavitcher Rebbe that is often used as a kind of an oracle.

  • ipcha mistabra

    interj. "The opposite is more reasonable"; "you have it backwards."

  • Itchy

    n. Ashkenazi Jew.

  • JDub

    n. An American Jew who is not Syrian (usually refers to Ashkenazim).

  • Jidoh

    n. Grandfather.

  • justo

    adj. True, right.

  • kalike

    n. Cripple.

  • kike

    n. A derogatory slur for a Jewish person.

  • knis

    Synagogue, Syrian word for 'shul'