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  • agav

    adv. "By the way: incidentally" (Weiser).

  • agmas nefesh

    n. "Disappointment or sadness: heartache" (Weiser)

  • ainfal

    n. "An ingenious, intuitive idea or suggestion: inspiration" (Weiser).

  • aizen

    adj. "Well-founded and form, as in logic: incontrovertible" (Weiser).

  • akitzur

    adv. "In summary; in other words: restated" (Weiser).

  • al kol panim

    adv. "At any rate, nevertheless" (Weiser).

  • als

    prep. "Because of: due to" (Weiser).

  • amol

    adv. "In past times: formerly, once" (Weiser).

  • amolik

    adj. "Foregone, of times past: olden, obsolete" (Weiser).

  • anshuldiks

    interj. "Apology for trivial or unintentional interruption or indiscretion: pardon" (Weiser).

  • batlan

    n. "Someone without a trade or regular means of livelihood" (Rosten).

  • broiges

    adj. Angry, annoyed.

  • chacham

    n. Wise, learned person; genius.

  • frei

    v. (With the particle "out") to become non-religious, "go off the derekh."

  • frumkeit

    n. Jewish religiosity, frum-ness.

  • gevaldig

    adj. Tremendous, amazing.

  • gezinta

    adj. Healthy.

  • gurnisht

    n. "Nothing, zilch, zero." (JPS)

  • kuntz

    n. Strategy. (Weiser)

  • l'hachis

    adv. Spitefully; deliberately; literally "in order to anger."