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  • anticirc

    n. Growing movement of Jews and non-Jews who are opposed to circumcision.

  • b mitzvah

    n. The gender-neutral equivalent of a bar or bat mitzvah (used to be inclusive of genderfluid or nonbinary children).

  • Be well

    interj. Closing to a letter or conversation: Take care, be healthy.

  • from your mouth to God's ears

    (sentence) Response to a good wish or blessing that mentions future events: I want that to happen, but I'm not sure it will.

  • futz

    v. Waste time (usually "futz around").

  • halleluyah

    interj. Praise God.

  • JAP

    n. "Jewish American Princess": a Jewish teenager or young adult who is pretentious and snobby, and usually rich.

  • Jappy

    adj. (Pejorative) like a JAP.

  • JDate

    n. A popular dating site for Jewish singles.

  • Jewfro

    n. A large, frizzy hairstyle, sported by a Jewish man.

  • krav maga

    n. A form of mixed martial arts developed in the Israeli Army but popularized worldwide. Literally means "contact combat."

  • Land of Israel

    n. Not just the state of Israel but the physical place.

  • Maimonidean

    adj. Having to do with Maimonides, the Jewish rabbi, physician and scholar who lived in the 12th century.

  • Manischewitz

    n. Sweet brand of wine often used by American Jews for ritual purposes.

  • motza

    n. A large amount of money, a fortune.

  • nice Jewish boy

    n. Jewish male, in pop culture it often indicates nebbishy traits and lack of traditional masculinity.

  • pastrami

    n. Smoked, seasoned deli meat.

  • schlong

    n. A penis.

  • shawarma

    n. Thinly cut meat (usually lamb, but may be chicken, beef, or other meat) cooked on a vertical rotating spit. Often served on a laffa (large pita type bread, but flat like a pizza dough and without a pocket) and with French fries ("chips" in Israel). Sometimes served on pita.

  • shtum

    adj. Quiet, voiceless, mute.