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  • Jew Bub

    n. "Jewish Bubble"; the network of Jewish organizations and social circles in which Jews interact mostly with other Jews.

  • Jew crew

    n. Group of Jews who hang out together.

  • Jewdar

    n. Ability to detect individuals' Jewishness (on analogy with "gaydar" and ultimately "radar") .

  • Jewfro

    n. A large, frizzy hairstyle, sported by a Jewish man.

  • Jewitch

    n. A Jew who is a witch or pagan.

  • Jews of Color

    n. A pan-ethnic term that identifies Jews who are not white. It generally includes Jews who are Black, Asian, Latino/a/x, Native American, mixed race, and it sometimes also includes Jews with ancestry in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Kab Shab

    n. Abbreviated form of Kabalat Shabbat (the Friday night prayer service).

  • kelev

    n. Dude.

  • krav maga

    A form of mixed martial arts developed in the Israeli Army but popularized worldwide. Literally means "contact combat"

  • M.O.T.

    "member of the tribe;" a Jew

  • mazel


  • member of the tribe

    non-derogitory slang term used to identify a Jewish person

  • Messy

    adj. Relating to self-described "Messianic Judaism", a sect which mimics various Jewish practices but is based on the worship of Jesus as the Messiah. It is also used as an umbrella term for similar movements, such as Hebrew Roots and Lapid Judaism, with the defining characteristic being the use of (primarily Rabbinic) Jewish customs by Christians.

  • Mizrachi

    adj. Of or relating to the culture, customs, or ancestry of Jews of Middle Eastern Origin.

  • Modern Orthodox

    Observant, but open to the outside world, general culture and education; not Yeshivish or Haredi.

  • Ortho

    shorthand, or slang term, for Orthodox

  • sheket bevakasha

    "Quiet please."

  • shpitz

    top or extreme part

  • sikkum

    summarize, usually at the end of a session

  • tochecha

    Rebuke, or corrections, for one's behavior, particularly as it pertains to Jewish practice.