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  • cement mixer

    n. Non-Jewish woman.

  • delicious

    adj. Delightful, cute, adorable.

  • Diaspora Jew

    n. A Jew living in the Jewish Diaspora, as opposed to one living within the State of Israel.

  • I wish you well to wear it

    (sentence) A saying uttered on seeing a friend or relative wearing a new garment or accessory. It is value-neutral, not implying that the garment is nice, just that it is new.

  • kimmel

    n. "Kimmel bread" is rye bread with caraway seeds on top.

  • Kratsmach

    n. Tongue-in-cheek way of referring to "Christmas," especially among Jews who want to avoid uttering the name of Christ.

  • M.O.T.

    n. "Member of the tribe;" a Jew.

  • make

    v. To urinate or defecate.

  • no-goodnik

    n. A bad person.