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  • chag sameach

    interj. "Literally, 'Happy Holiday.' The traditional, all-purpose greeting exchanged on almost any Jewish holiday" (JPS).

  • chalutziut

    adj. Pioneering, specifically the Chalutzim movement in the region of Palestine.

  • chanichim

    n. Campers; members of youth movement, as in Hashomer Hatzair.

  • chanutiya

    n. At Jewish summer camp, canteen where campers get candy and other snacks. (source)

  • chet

    n. The eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Often used to refer to a standing formation in the shape of the letter.

  • chidon

    n. A bible quiz in Orthodox camps and schools.

  • chinuch

    n. Jewish education.

  • chofesh

    n. Free time.

  • chug

    n. Elective class, group activity.

  • chultzah

    n. "A uniform shirt worn in Jewish summer camps and youth groups, such as Habonim Dror." (source)

  • degel

    n. Flag; often refers to "morning degel," the flag-raising ceremony at many camps.

  • dugma

    n. Example.

  • dugma ishit

    n. Role model, personal example.

  • eidah

    n. Group, cohort; session/unit.

  • gaga

    n. A version of dodgeball played in a hexagonal or octagonal "pit," sometimes referred to as "Israeli dodgeball." Gaga is common in Jewish summer camps, schools, and community gatherings and has spread to non-Jewish settings as well.

  • genizah

    n. A storage room in a synagogue where disused sacred books and often-sacred articles are kept, since bringing them or disposing of them otherwise is considered a sacrilege.

  • glida

    n. Ice cream.

  • hafsaka

    n. Break or interruption

  • hakshivu

    interj. "Attention;" used to begin announcements at many camps. (source)

  • hanafat hadegel

    n. Flag-raising ceremony.