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  • agam

    n. Lake.

  • arisa

    n. Section of a pool.

  • aruchat boker

    n. Breakfast.

  • aruchat erev

    n. Dinner.

  • avodah

    n. "Service and worship of God" (Eisenberg).

  • bakbuk mayim

    n. Water bottle.

  • banot

    n. Girls.

  • beit knesset

    n. Jewish place of worship; "synagogue" (JPS).

  • beteavon

    interj. Bon appetit; enjoy your meal; dig in. Glinert: "Literally, 'bon appetit!'"

  • bishul chutz

    n. Cook-Out.

  • boker or

    interj. Literally, "morning light". said in response to "boker tov."

  • boker tov

    interj. "Good morning."

  • brecha

    n. Pool.

  • bruchim haba'im

    interj. Welcome! [lit. "blessed are those who come"]

  • chadar ochel

    n. Dining hall, dining room.

  • chag sameach

    interj. "Literally, 'Happy Holiday.' The traditional, all-purpose greeting exchanged on almost any Jewish holiday" (JPS).

  • chalutziut

    adj. Pioneering, specifically the Chalutzim movement in the region of Palestine.

  • chanichim

    n. Campers; members of youth movement, as in Hashomer Hatzair.

  • chanutiya

    n. At Jewish summer camp, canteen where campers get candy and other snacks. (source)

  • chidon

    n. A bible quiz in Orthodox camps and schools.