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  • a long life

    Used to greet a mourner after someone has died.

  • antisemitism

    Hatred against Jews.

  • barmy

    bar mitzvah

  • Birthright

    A free 10-day trip to Israel for young Diaspora Jews ages 18-26. Over 400,000 Jews have been to Israel on Birthright.

  • Chabad

    an outreach-oriented branch of Hasidic Judaism that follows the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Chabad has thousands of branches around the world, including at many college campuses.

  • from your mouth to God's ears

    response to a good wish or blessing that mentions future events: I want that to happen, but I'm not sure it will.

  • Hillel

    an organization for Jewish college life, especially in North America

  • kitke

    braided egg-bread eaten on the Sabbath (known as challah elsewhere)

  • Knesset

    Israel's parliament

  • maccabiah

    international Jewish sports competition, known as the Jewish Olympics, held (mostly) every four years since 1932; smaller regional competitions held in Jewish community centers around the world

  • Shabbat

    The Jewish Sabbath; Saturday

  • shul


  • teiglach

    a confection of dough balls dipped in honey/syrup and eaten at Rosh Hashanah

  • Torah

    Jewish law and values in general

  • tseloznik

    a cute, mischievous child

  • tzedek


  • yok

    rowdy non-Jewish hooligan (derogatory)