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  • fatootsed

    adj. Enervated, played out, knackered, terminally fatigued.

  • Hasidic

    adj. Of or relating to Hasidic Judaism or Hasidic Jews.

  • Knesset

    n. Israel's parliament.

  • kosher

    adj. "Acceptable according to Jewish [ritual] law" (JPS); "trustworthy, reliable" (Rosten); acceptable according to dietary laws.

  • mitzvah

    n. Good deed.

  • seder

    n. A ceremony involving recitations, singing, food, and drink typically associated with Passover, but also with Tu B'shvat and Rosh Hashanah.

  • shul

    n. Synagogue.

  • Torah

    n. Jewish law and values in general.

  • zaidie

    n. Grandpa, grandfather.