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  • Borscht Belt

    n. Region in the Catskill Mountains with many summer resorts frequented by Jews, especially in the mid twentieth century.

  • goyish

    adj. "In the manner or style of a non-Jewish person" (JPS), especially something WASPy or "white bread."

  • kasha

    n. Buckwheat groats, commonly served with bowtie noodles ('kasha varnishkes'); porridge.

  • mieskeit

    someone/something ugly

  • ongepotchket

    "Excessively and unaesthetically decorated; overly baroque." (Rosten)

  • shnook

    "An incompetent person who is deserving of pity but also likable" (JPS); "A customer easily persuaded, a sucker." (H.L. Mencken, American Language)

  • tsu gezunt

    a response after another person sneezes (analogous to "bless you")

  • zei gezunt

    be healthy, be well; farewell!