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  • bencher

    n. Prayer booklet or card with the text of the blessings after meals, and often times including other meal-time blessings and songs.

  • chaver

    n. Friend.

  • chavruta

    n. Learning partnership; joint study session. "The person with whom one studies religious texts" (Weiser).

  • kallah

    n. Jewish communal gathering, conference.

  • kavanah

    n. "Attention to the meaning, spirit, and purpose of words." (Weiser)

  • schnorr

    v. To beg, to request money.

  • shidduch

    n. A date in the process of finding one's spouse.

  • tachlis

    n. Practical details of a matter, "brass tacks" (as in, "Let's get down to brass tacks.")