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  • daled amos

    n. "Four cubits", a unit of measurement in halacha in ritual and property law.

  • Hayitochen

    interj. "How could this be?", "How is this possible?"

  • klal

    n. "A fixed rule: principle" (Weiser).

  • madrega

    n. Level, especially spiritual level.

  • mashpia

    adj. (with 'on') influential

  • remez

    n. "A mark or detail that suggests the existence of implicit information, a trace, an allusion." (Weiser)

  • rosh yeshiva

    n. The head of a yeshiva.

  • yesod

    n. "Basis, or essential, guiding principle: fundamental" (Weiser); "foundation" (Steinmetz, Dictionary of Jewish Usage; Eisenberg & Scolnic); "groundwork" (Steinmetz, Yiddish and English).

  • zman

    n. "A division or portion of a specified duration: time" (Weiser).