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  • bitul

    n. "Contempt, disparagement" (Steinmetz).

  • bubbe meise

    n. "Something of little importance, an inconsequential thing or minor happening." (JPS)

  • chas v'chalila

    interj. "Heaven forbid" (Steinmetz's Yiddish and English dictionary).

  • farbreng

    v. To spend or pass time.

  • farbrengen

    n. A gathering or celebration that includes a spiritual or religious component.

  • get

    n. A writ or deed of divorce.

  • hashgacha pratis

    n. Divine providence on an individual level (as opposed to hashgacha klalis).

  • Hayitochen

    interj. "How could this be?", "How is this possible?"

  • hoo-ha

    interj. Interjection of admiration or astonishment.

  • keli

    n. Vessel to receive a blessing.

  • kichel

    n. Small cookie or biscuit.

  • klal

    n. "A fixed rule: principle" (Weiser).

  • madrich

    n. Youth counselor or supervisor.

  • mashke

    n. Alcoholic beverage (typically vodka or whiskey).

  • mashpia

    adj. (with 'on') influential

  • mitzvah

    n. Good deed.

  • oleh

    n. Immigrant to Israel; a person who makes aliyah.

  • shkiah

    n. Sunset (when Shabbat or yontif starts [and after which it is no longer halachically permissible to light candles]).

  • shul

    n. Synagogue.

  • sicha

    n. Public talk.