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  • Av

    n. The eleventh month of the Jewish calendar (or fifth if counting from Nisan).

  • Baal Shem Tov

    n. Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, widely regarded as the founder of Hasidic Judaism.

  • badchen

    n. A merry maker as at a Jewish wedding or other Jewish celebration.

  • broiges

    adj. Angry, annoyed.

  • chazaras hashatz

    n. The repetition of the Shmona Esre / Amidah by the shatz (shaliach tzibbur)

  • cheder

    n. Hebrew and religious classes (often on Sundays) for elementary school children.

  • Eretz Yisroel

    n. Israel.

  • gelilah

    n. "Binding and bedecking of the Torah scroll[.]" (Glinert)

  • get

    n. A writ or deed of divorce.

  • hagba

    n. The ceremonial raising of a Sefer Torah for all the congregation to see.

  • Hasidic

    adj. Of or relating to Hasidic Judaism or Hasidic Jews.

  • heichal

    n. The ark in a synagogue which holds the Sifrei Torah.

  • hesped

    n. Eulogy, funeral oration.

  • kezayit

    n. A halakhic measure for the minimum amount that may not be eaten of a prohibited substance or that must be eaten to fulfill a commandment.

  • kosher

    adj. "Acceptable according to Jewish [ritual] law" (JPS); "trustworthy, reliable" (Rosten); acceptable according to dietary laws.

  • Lag BaOmer

    n. The thirty-third day of the Omer on which the Omer's customs of semi-mourning pause for a day and on which it is a tradition to hold a bonfire and celebrate.

  • Maariv

    n. The Jewish evening prayer service.

  • mashgiach

    n. "A person, usually an Orthodox Jew, who inspects and makes sure all the laws of kashrut are followed [in a slaughterhouse, food-processing factory, restaurant, catering hall, or the like]." (Eisenberg & Scolnic)

  • meshulach

    n. A rabbinical emissary sent to collect charity funds.

  • Mincha

    n. The Jewish afternoon prayer service.