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  • Aseret HaDibrot

    n. The Ten Commandments.

  • B'nei Yisrael

    pl. n. Jews collectively (usually refers specifically to the Jews of the Torah, or more broadly, of the Tanach).

  • basari

    adj. Refers to foods that contain meat as well as utensils and dishes used to cook, serve, and eat meat.

  • bat chayil

    n. Bat mitzvah, particularly a celebration in Orthodox communities that does not include services or reading from the Torah.

  • chalavi

    adj. Describes dairy foods as well as utensils and dishes used to cook, serve, and eat dairy products.

  • chamishi

    n. The fifth aliyah in a Torah service.

  • Chatzi Kaddish

    n. Half kaddish: a prayer that praises God and occurs several times during services, marking the separation between different parts of the service.

  • genug shoyn

    interj. Enough already!

  • halachic

    adj. Relating to or dictated by halacha.

  • halachically

    adv. According to halacha, with regard to halacha.

  • hechshered

    adj. (Of a packaged food product) given a hechsher, certified kosher.

  • Kaddish D'Rabbanan

    n. A prayer that is said by mourners and those who have recently studied a rabbinic text.

  • Kaddish Shalem

    n. A prayer said at the end of Jewish prayer services.

  • Kaddish Yatom

    n. Mourner's Kaddish, a prayer said by mourners during the first year after an immediate family member has died and every year on their yahrzeit.

  • karpas

    n. A vegetable (traditionally a green, leafy one, namely parsley, but can be any vegetable that grows from the ground) used in the Passover seder to symbolize new spring

  • keep kosher

    v. Observe and follow kashrut.

  • kinus

    n. Gathering.

  • licht bentschen

    n. The time at which it is prescribed to light candles for Shabbat or yontif (18 minutes before shkiah [sunset, which officially begins Shabbat/yontif]).

  • meaty

    adj. Refers to food in the meat category according to kashrut.

  • milky

    adj. Refers to dairy foods.