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  • bedieved

    adv. "Done just well enough to fulfill a need or duty; perfunctorily" (Weiser, Frumspeak).

  • bekitzur

    adv. "Briefly or concisely: succinctly" (Weiser).

  • broiges

    adj. Angry, annoyed.

  • by

    prep. At [a location], at the house of, with, among, according to the opinion of, at [an event, time of year] (in addition to Standard English near).

  • daled amos

    n. "Four cubits", a unit of measurement in halacha in ritual and property law.

  • frumkeit

    n. Jewish religiosity, frum-ness.

  • gezinta

    n. A big healthy girl (or the adjective denoting such).

  • Hayitochen

    interj. "How could this be?", "How is this possible?"

  • kimat

    "almost or nearly" (Weiser)

  • klal

    n. "A fixed rule: principle" (Weiser).

  • leibedik

    lively, enthusiastic; warm, heartfelt

  • mashgiach

    "a person, usually an Orthodox Jew, who inspects and makes sure all the laws of kashrut are followed [in a slaughterhouse, food-processing factory, restaurant, catering hall, or the like]" (Eisenberg & Scolnic)

  • mashpia

    adj. (with 'on') influential

  • mitzvah

    n. Good deed.

  • remez

    "a mark or detail that suggests the existence of implicit information, a trace, an allusion" (Weiser)

  • rosh yeshiva

    n. The head of a yeshiva.

  • seder

    order, orderliness, system, routine

  • shvach

    weak, pathetic, (a place or gathering that is) lacking in activity

  • svara

    justification, reason, plausible explanation

  • Torah

    Jewish law and values in general