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  • A Dio

    interj. "My God!"

  • Arvit

    n. The Jewish evening prayer service.

  • Ashki

    n. Nickname for Ashkenazi Jews.

  • asina

    adv., interj. Just like this/that, thus, in this manner. Such, even if.

  • Avraham Seev

    n. The ceremony practiced by Sephardic Jews, especially those in Seattle, the Shabbat following a wedding with the bride and groom present. Most comparable to the Ashkenazic "auf ruf".

  • bar minan

    interj. Used when mentioning a tragedy or general calamity that one does not wish on him/herself or others. Also used as a follow up to the words "a Dio" when surprised by something scary.

  • basari

    adj. Refers to foods that contain meat as well as utensils and dishes used to cook, serve, and eat meat.

  • Bavajadas

    Nonsense. B.S.

  • ben adam

    n. A human being.

  • Bivas, kreskas, enfloreskas!

    interj. Live, grow, thrive! Typically said upon hearing someone sneeze. Each word can be said in sequence after multiple sneezes.

  • bragas

    n. Underwear.

  • braggas

    n. Underwear.

  • Buenas semanas

    interj. Have a good week / what one says after making havdallah.

  • chalavi

    adj. Describes dairy foods as well as utensils and dishes used to cook, serve, and eat dairy products.

  • De carne

    adj. Meaty / fleshing.

  • De queso

    adj. Dairy / milchig / cheesy.

  • Desayuno

    Literally "breakfast" - used to describe the category of foods made by Balkan Sephardic Jews for Shabbat breakfast. Includes boyos, borekas, bulemas, quajatho.

  • Echar Lashon

    To shoot the breeze

  • eskapamiento bueno

    (sentence) May the end be good - said upon hearing of a pregnancy / before giving birth

  • gaveta

    n. Locker behind the synagogue seat.