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  • answer up

    counter, retort

  • anticirc

    Growing movement of Jews and non-Jews who are opposed to circumcision.

  • antisemitism

    Hatred against Jews.

  • Aramaic

    Judeo-Aramaic, a northern Semitic language related to Hebrew.

  • ark

    "the cabinet at the front of an Ashkenazic synagogue that houses the Torah scroll." (JPS)

  • Ashkenazic

    Adjectival form for 'Ashkenazim', "The name given to the group of Jews who were originally from Germany and France, and their descendants" (JPS)

  • Ashkenormative

    Assuming that all Jews are Ashkenazi, not considering Jews with other backgrounds.

  • Ashki

    nickname for Ashkenazi Jews

  • b mitzvah

    the gender-neutral equivalent of a bar or bat mitzvah (used to be inclusive of genderfluid or nonbinary children)

  • b'shalom

    "in peace" (used to sign off in written correspondence)

  • bageling

    identifying another person as a Jew

  • bark mitzvah

    a mock celebration for a dog, akin to a bar/bat mitzvah (meant to be comedic)

  • BCE

    Before the Common Era (used in place of B.C.). Steinmetz: "...recently, a new awareness of the Christian character of these abbreviations have led many Jewish writers and editors to replace them with [C.E. And B.C.E.]"

  • Be well

    Closing to a letter or conversation: Take care, be healthy

  • Birthright

    A free 10-day trip to Israel for young Diaspora Jews ages 18-26. Over 400,000 Jews have been to Israel on Birthright.

  • black hat

    Haredi; describing people or traditions of the right end of the Orthodox continuum, encompassing Hasidic and non-Hasidic (or just non-Hasidic) Orthodox Jews, of whom the men wear black hats

  • bond of life

    Common translation of the Hebrew "tzror ha-hayim," referring to a transcendent realm where the souls of righteous are kept in safekeeping. Part of a phrase often inscribed on headstones or said in reference to the dead, meaning "may their soul be bound in the bond of eternal life."

  • boychick

    "A young boy...equivalent of the American expression 'buddy'" (JPS)

  • break fast

    the meal that takes place after a fast

  • bring down

    cite or reference