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  • apikorsus

    n. Heresy.

  • chumradik

    adj. Stringent, used to imply that a person is making the most strict halachic ruling, or follows additional restrictions in his or her practice.

  • heicha kedusha

    n. Abbreviated version of the repetition of the Shmona Esre / Amidah.

  • hillula

    n. The anniversary of the death of a great tzaddik; a celebration of the tzaddik's life on that day.

  • keitzed m'rakdim

    n. Dancing before the groom and bride at a wedding, more often called 'wedding shtick.'

  • la kashya

    interj. Not a problem, no difficulty. When two (Talmudic) opinions appear to contradict each other, "la kashya" signals that a resolution is at hand.

  • prutah

    n. Two cents (fig.)

  • savtadik

    n. Something that reminds one favorably of one's savta (grandmother).

  • sitra achra

    n. Evil.

  • teiku

    interj. The question remains unanswered.

  • uvdin d'chol

    n. Weekday work.