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  • Chabad

    an outreach-oriented branch of Hasidic Judaism that follows the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Chabad has thousands of branches around the world, including at many college campuses.

  • chutzpah

    guts (positive)

  • goy

    a nation, but not the Jewish nation

  • hummus

    A puree of ground chickpeas and sesame seeds.

  • kibbutz

    "[Israeli agricultural] collective" (Glinert) Most settlements in Israeli which originally began as kibbutzim now function as regular municipalities.

  • Knesset

    Israel's parliament

  • l'chaim

    traditional toast. [lit. "to life" (Rosten)]

  • mazel tov

    congratulations [lit. "good fortune"]

  • sabra

    a prickly pear, "tough and prickly on the outside, tender and sweet on the inside--a description that many say fits citizens of the Jewish state." (JPS)

  • Shabbat

    The Jewish Sabbath; Saturday

  • shalom

    hello, goodbye, peace

  • tahini

    "A creamy paste made from ground sesame seeds" (JPS)