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  • adafina

    n. A slowly cooked stew of meat and vegetables.

  • annos

    n. Anniversary of someone's death.

  • burekas

    n. A Turkish pastry filled with potatoes, other vegetables, and sometimes cheese.

  • chacham

    n. Wise, learned person; genius.

  • chanukiah

    n. Nine-branched menorah / candelabrum used on Chanukah.

  • esnoga

    n. Synagogue.

  • Hagim u'zmanim lesasson

    n. Holidays and seasons for rejoicing!

  • Ladino

    n. Judeo-Spanish language.

  • mazel

    n. Congratulations.

  • meldado

    n. Anniversary of someone's death; the study session done in honor of that person.

  • Moadim lesimcha

    interj. Happy holiday! Greeting used on Pesach and Sukkot.