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  • abba

    n. Father, dad, daddy.

  • aliyah

    n. "Calling to the reading of the Torah." (Glinert)

  • b'vakasha

    adv. "Literally, 'please'. It can be used in various ways, including "please go ahead" and at the end of a sentence as 'you're welcome'" (JPS).

  • beit knesset

    n. Jewish place of worship; "synagogue" (JPS).

  • besamim

    n. "Literally, 'spices.' It almost always refers to the spices in the spice box used for the Havdalah ceremony" (JPS).

  • chalutzim

    n. Pioneers in the building of the State of Israel.

  • chanukiah

    n. Nine-branched menorah / candelabrum used on Chanukah.

  • davka

    adv. Even; despite expectations to the contrary -- often with a slightly amused or ironic feeling of "wouldn't you know it?" or "of all things" ("of all people" ... etc.)

  • eema

    n. Mother.

  • Eretz Yisroel

    n. Israel.

  • Hatikvah

    n. Literally "the hope." "The Israeli national anthem." (Glinert)

  • hummus

    n. A puree of ground chickpeas and sesame seeds.

  • kippah

    n. "Small, round headcovering." (JPS)

  • labriut

    "bless you" (after someone sneezes) [lit., "to health"] (Glinert)

  • lehitraot

    "Goodbye for now, see you again soon" (JPS) "see you later."

  • nu

    so what?; so?; hurry up already

  • savta


  • shekel

    "1. The silver coin...used by the Jews in Biblical times...Today, it is the name for the monetary unit in the State of Israel. 2. Slang for cash or money." (JPS)

  • sheket


  • Shoah

    Eastern European Holocaust (of World War II)