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  • abba

    n. Father, dad, daddy.

  • adloyada

    n. A Purim carnival.

  • aliyah

    n. "Calling to the reading of the Torah." (Glinert)

  • beit knesset

    n. Jewish place of worship; "synagogue" (JPS).

  • burekas

    n. A Turkish pastry filled with potatoes, other vegetables, and sometimes cheese.

  • chag sameach

    interj. "Literally, 'Happy Holiday.' The traditional, all-purpose greeting exchanged on almost any Jewish holiday" (JPS).

  • chalutzim

    n. Pioneers in the building of the State of Israel.

  • chanukiah

    n. Nine-branched menorah / candelabrum used on Chanukah.

  • chaver

    n. Friend.

  • chiloni

    adj. (Of Jewish people or institutions) secular, not religious.

  • Eretz Yisroel

    n. Israel.

  • hummus

    n. A puree of ground chickpeas and sesame seeds.

  • kippah

    n. "Small, round headcovering." (JPS)

  • MK

    n. Member of Knesset (Israel's parliament), i.e. an Israeli legislator.

  • oleh

    n. Immigrant to Israel; a person who makes aliyah.

  • pita

    n. A round, thin bread with a pocket, eaten plain or with filling as a sandwich.

  • shashlik

    n. A dish of skewered and grilled lamb of beef meat.

  • tahini

    n. "A creamy paste made from ground sesame seeds." (JPS)

  • tehina

    n. A paste made from ground sesame seeds, used as a dip or spread.

  • todah rabah

    interj. "Thanks so much!"; "Many thanks!".