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  • a long life

    interj. Used to greet a mourner after someone has died.

  • cement mixer

    n. Non-Jewish woman.

  • chumradik

    adj. Stringent, used to imply that a person is making the most strict halachic ruling, or follows additional restrictions in his or her practice.

  • farbaysn

    n. Snacks.

  • faribel

    adj. To have a grievance, to be aggrieved.

  • gebrokts

    n. People who hold by the stringency against eating wetted matzah.

  • gefrunzled

    adj. Slighted, insulted, feeling unappreciated.

  • genug shoyn

    interj. Enough already!

  • geza

    n. Good lineage.

  • hisbonenus

    n. Contemplation, reflection.

  • I wish you well to wear it

    (sentence) A saying uttered on seeing a friend or relative wearing a new garment or accessory. It is value-neutral, not implying that the garment is nice, just that it is new.

  • koppel

    n. Skullcap, kippah, yarmulke.

  • licht bentschen

    n. The time at which it is prescribed to light candles for Shabbat or yontif (18 minutes before shkiah [sunset, which officially begins Shabbat/yontif]).

  • lobbus

    n. A young mischievous person with a lot of chutzpah.

  • meaty

    adj. Refers to food in the meat category according to kashrut.

  • mechula

    adj. Broke, bust, bankrupt, spoiled.

  • mekurav

    n. Non-Orthodox congregants and supporters of Chabad houses.

  • milky

    adj. Refers to dairy foods.

  • nicht shabbos geret

    interj. Not to speak of on Shabbat (used when a subject is not suitable for the Holy Shabbat, primarily business and money manners, to indicate that one shouldn't discuss it). Usually followed by a short comment about the "forbidden" subject.