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  • arba kanfot

    A tallit katan (see tzitzit)

  • arba kosot

    "The four glasses of wine drunk on Passover" (Glinert).

  • balaboosta

    1) Female head of household 2) Impressively competent homemaker

  • balabos

    Male head of a household

  • bencher

    prayer booklet or card with the text of the blessings after meals, and often times including other meal-time blessings and songs

  • besamim

    "Literally, 'spices.' It almost always refers to the spices in the spice box used for the Havdalah ceremony" (JPS).

  • blech

    an electric hot plate or "sheet of metal that can be placed over the burners on a stove to retain heat, so that precooked food...can be kept warm during the Sabbath." (JPS)

  • bubbale

    sweetie, darling [term of endearment]

  • chazer

    "go over; review" (Weiser)

  • cheder

    Hebrew and religious classes (often on Sundays) for elementary school children.

  • chrain

    a spicy paste made from grated horseradish.

  • derech eretz

    Participating in modern society.

  • duchen

    A ritual where the kohanim recite the Priestly Blessing (Num. 6:24-26), blessing the rest of the congregation.

  • dveykus

    spiritual ecstasy; lit. "cleaving"

  • emunah

    "faith"; sometimes contrasted with practical striving in the material world

  • farbrengen

    a gathering or celebration that includes a spiritual or religious component

  • freilach

    adj: happy, merry

  • fress

    To gobble up food; to gorge oneself. "To eat quickly or noisily, like an animal" (JPS)

  • gemara

    "A compilation of 300 years of rabbis' legal and ethical commentaries on the Mishnah...together, the Gemara and the Mishnah comprise the Talmud." (JPS)

  • geshmak

    delicious, delightful