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  • apikoros

    heretic, non-believer, especially one with great knowledge of Judaism

  • chad gadya

    The name of a song sung at the end of the Passover seder.

  • chavruta

    learning partnership; joint study session. "The person with whom one studies religious texts" (Weiser)

  • chevra kedisha

    burial society - volunteers who sit with the dead and prepare their bodies for burial

  • davka

    even; despite expectations to the contrary -- often with a slightly amused or ironic feeling of "wouldn't you know it?" or "of all things" ("of all people" ... etc.)

  • duchen

    A ritual where the kohanim recite the Priestly Blessing (Num. 6:24-26), blessing the rest of the congregation.

  • girsa d'yankuta

    That which was learned as a young child.

  • halevai

    If only

  • kaddish

    Prayer of mourning; prayer separating parts of the service; lit. "sanctification"