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  • achrai

    adj. "Charged with responsibility: accountable." (Weiser)

  • ad kan

    interj. "Expression used to induce cessation of activity or behavior: knock it off." (Weiser)

  • agav

    adv. "By the way: incidentally" (Weiser).

  • avade

    adv. Of course. / Obviously!

  • bedieved

    adv. "Done just well enough to fulfill a need or duty; perfunctorily" (Weiser, Frumspeak).

  • chabura

    n. Study group.

  • chumrah

    n. A religious stringency.

  • davka

    adv. Even; despite expectations to the contrary -- often with a slightly amused or ironic feeling of "wouldn't you know it?" or "of all things" ("of all people" ... etc.)

  • ein hachi nami

    adv., sent. "Granted"; yes, that's how it is, that's certainly true.

  • halevai

    interj. If only.

  • kashe

    n. A question posing some difficulty because of apparent inconsistencies with accepted premises: problem. A tough, perplexing question.

  • lechatchila

    adv. "To begin with; altogether." (Weiser, Frumspeak)

  • lechoira

    adv. Seemingly as such while allowing for the possibility of the opposite; apparently; ostensibly. (Weiser)

  • mutar

    adj. Permitted for a Jew to do.

  • nafke mine

    n. Practical difference.

  • shayach

    adj. "Pertinent, relevant" (Steinmetz).

  • sugya

    n. Passage from the Talmud.

  • svara

    n. Justification, reason, plausible explanation.

  • tenai

    n. "A condition of circumstance upon which a certain effect is predicated: Stipulation." (Weiser).