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  • Av

    n. The eleventh month of the Jewish calendar (or fifth if counting from Nisan).

  • Cheshvan

    n. The second month of the Jewish calendar (or eighth if counting from Nisan).

  • Elul

    n. The twelfth month of the Jewish calendar (or sixth if counting from Nisan).

  • g'mar chatima tova

    interj. "A customary greeting among Jews on Yom Kippur [and the period between Yom Kippur and Rosh haShanah]" (JPS). lit. "a good end of [the process of] sealing [in the Book of Life]".

  • get

    n. A writ or deed of divorce.

  • hadass

    n. Myrtle, one of the arba minim used ritually on Sukkot.

  • Iyar

    n. The eighth month of the Jewish calendar (or second if counting from Nisan).

  • Kislev

    n. The third month of the Jewish calendar (or ninth if counting from Nisan).

  • Lag BaOmer

    n. The thirty-third day of the Omer on which the Omer's customs of semi-mourning pause for a day and on which it is a tradition to hold a bonfire and celebrate.

  • Maariv

    n. The Jewish evening prayer service.

  • Mincha

    n. The Jewish afternoon prayer service.

  • Nisan

    n. The seventh month of the Jewish calendar (or first if counting from it).

  • Pirkei Avot

    n. "[A] collection of maxims, quotes, and popular sayings from ancient Jewish sages and scholars" (Eisenberg & Scolnic).

  • rishon

    n. "Earlier rabbis and scholars, who lived from around the 11th to the mid-15th century C.E., before the Shulchan Arukh, the compilation of Jewish law, was written." (JPS)

  • Sefer Torah

    n. A Torah scroll (a scroll with the text of The Five Books of Moses on it).

  • Shacharit

    n. The Jewish morning prayer service.

  • shechita

    n. Kosher animal slaughter.

  • Shevat

    n. The fifth month of the Jewish calendar (or eleventh if counting from Nisan).

  • Shiva Asar B'Tamuz

    n. The 17th of Tamuz, a minor Jewish fast day on which it is believed that the walls of Jerusalem were breached in ancient times.

  • shomer Shabbat

    adj. Shabbat-observant (Glinert).