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  • aleichem sholom

    interj. Peace be upon you. Response to "sholom aleichem."

  • alte kaker

    n. Elderly person, old-timer [literally "old shitter"]. "A crotchety, fussy, ineffectual old man." (Rosten)

  • aroisgevorfene gelt

    "a waste of money"; lit., thrown out money.

  • balaboosta

    1) Female head of household 2) Impressively competent homemaker

  • berya

    "Complimentary term for a talented, competent, energetic woman, especially one who gets a lot done - and does it well - around the house." (JPS Dictionary of Words)

  • bialy

    A flat breakfast roll, shaped like a round wading pool, sometimes sprinkled with onion. (Rosten)

  • boychick

    "A young boy...equivalent of the American expression 'buddy'" (JPS)

  • bubbale

    sweetie, darling [term of endearment]

  • bubbe meise

    "Something of little importance, an inconsequential thing or minor happening." (JPS)

  • bulbenik

    One who is inept, clumsy, all thumbs, who fouls things up (Rosten)

  • bulvan

    loud mouth know-it-all; "a boorish, brutish person" (Steinmetz)

  • chazir

    1. pork 2. a pig, greedy person (JPS)

  • Chelm

    from Yiddish literature/folklore, "The 'legendary' town inhabited by befuddled, stupid, foolish, but endearing people." (JPS). Also a real town in Poland (Chełmno).

  • farbissiner

    adj. embittered, sullen, mean

  • farblondzhet

    Rosten: "Lost...mixed up, wandering about without any idea of where you are." Can refer to being physically or intellectually lost.

  • farshtunken(e)

    literally 'stinking' (Rosten); contemptible

  • fartootst

    "The state of being bewildered, disoriented, discombobulated; slightly more intense than tsedrayt." (Rosten)

  • feh!

    an expression of disgust; "portraying...negative feelings" (Rosten)

  • feigele

    Gay man

  • fress

    To gobble up food; to gorge oneself. "To eat quickly or noisily, like an animal" (JPS)