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  • zach

    n. Matter.

  • zaftig

    adj. Pleasantly plump, buxom, lit. "juicy."

  • zaidie

    n. Grandpa, grandfather.

  • zall

    n. Study hall; beis medrash (lit. "hall").

  • zatar

    n. An Israeli spice mixture made from oregano, basil, thyme, and savory.

  • zatsal

    Of righteous memory.

  • Zeder

    n. Zoom seder: seder conducted via the videoconferencing technology Zoom.

  • zehu

    interj. "That's all!" "That's final!" "And that's the end of it!" "That's it."

  • zei gezunt

    interj. Be healthy, be well; farewell!

  • zeroa

    n. "The roasted shank bone placed on the seder plate on Pesach" (JPS).

  • zets

    n. "A punch, a strong blow; a setback." (JPS)

  • zichrono livracha

    interj. May his memory be for a blessing (appended to the name of a dead person).

  • zimriyah

    n. Song festival, music competition.

  • Zionism

    n. "A worldwide political movement that worked toward the establishment of a Jewish homeland" (JPS).

  • Zionist

    n. A supporter of Zionism, i.e. a person who believes that the Jewish people has the right to a Jewish state in the land of Israel.

  • zise

    n. A sweet, good person.

  • zitsfleysh

    n. "Sitting-flesh" : 'the ability to sit down for a long period of time.'

  • zivug

    n. Mate, predestined match.

  • ziya

    n. An honorific used for a deceased Chasidic rebbe.

  • zman

    n. "A division or portion of a specified duration: time" (Weiser).

  • Zoom Mitzvah

    n. Bar or bat mitzvah service or party conducted via Zoom.

  • zoykhe

    adj. To merit.

  • zulik

    adj. Wild.