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  • va'ad

    n. "Committee or council" (Steinmetz), group convened for a particular purpose, including rabbinical council, kashrut supervisory council, youth group/synagogue board of directors, study group, etc.

  • vantz

    n. Bedbug.

  • varem

    adj. Warm, kind-hearted, friendly.

  • Vayikra

    n. The book of Leviticus.

  • veiter

    adv. "More distant: Farther." (Weiser)

  • verklempt

    adj. Overly emotional, choked up; speechless; unable to express one's feelings/emotions.

  • vig

    n. The commission one receives for conducting a transaction, usually gambling or drug deals, but can also be used in day-to-day transactions.

  • vilde chaye

    n. A rambunctious or wild person [lit. 'wild animal'].

  • vort

    n. A short lesson derived from the Torah; an engagement party, named after the short speech usually delivered in honor of the couple.

  • vos

    interj. What?