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  • OB"M

    "Of blessed memory."

  • observant

    adj. (Of a person) adhering to the rules of Judaism.

  • Off the derech

    adj. No longer religious/observant; now following a non-religious/non-observant lifestyle.

  • ohel

    n. Tent (in a summer camp setting).

  • oilam

    n. The world; the public.

  • oirik

    n. Derogatory reference to a non-Jewish male, especially a common labourer.

  • okh un vey

    interj. "A pity on him."

  • olam habah

    n. "The world to come"; the messianic age; Heaven.

  • olav ha-sholom

    interj. "Peace be upon him"; said of someone who is deceased.

  • oleh

    n. Immigrant to Israel; a person who makes aliyah.

  • omanut

    n. Arts and crafts.

  • Omer

    n. The seven-week period stretching from the second day of Pesach to the day before Shavuot, during which it is traditional to count each day in Hebrew.

  • on one foot

    adv. Translation of Hebrew "al regel achat" or Yiddish "af eyn fus": off-the-cuff; quick, quickly, quick answer (from a Talmudic story about Hillel summarizing the Torah to a potential convert while standing on one foot).

  • oneg

    n. An informal, festive gathering Friday night involving food, casual Torah study, Jewish songs, etc.

  • onesh

    n. Punishment.

  • ongeblozzen

    adj. Puffed-up; haughty; conceited.

  • ongepotchket

    adj. "Excessively and unaesthetically decorated; overly baroque." (Rosten)

  • ongeshnosket

    adj. Inebriated, drunk.

  • OO

    n. Abbreviation for Open Orthodoxy or Open Orthodox.

  • Open Orthodox

    n. A breakaway movement to the left of Modern Orthodoxy, declared outside of acceptable Orthodox boundaries by most mainstream Orthodox rabbis.

  • or ein sof

    n. G-dliness (in Kabbalah).

  • orel

    n. Non-Jew (contemptuous, pejorative).

  • oros bekeilim

    n. Lofty ideas made practical and achievable.

  • Ortho

    adj. Shorthand, or slang term, for Orthodox.

  • Orthodox

    adj. Of, relating to, or affiliated with Orthodox Judaism.

  • Orthodox Judaism

    prop. n. The most traditional branch of Judaism.

  • oso ha-Ish

    n. Literally "that man", an irreverent/euphemistic reference to Jesus of Nazareth.

  • OU

    n. A symbol indicating hashgacha by the Orthodox Union.

  • outside

    adj. Dealing with discussion about a text.

  • oy

    interj. Exclamation of dismay, exasperation, or surprise.

  • oy vey

    interj. Exclamation of dismay, exasperation, or surprise.

  • oy vey iz mir

    (sentence) Woe is me.

  • oysgeputst

    adj. Dressed-up, decked out in finery (Steinmetz), overembellished.

  • oysgezoomt

    adj. Worn out, tired from too many Zoom meetings, gatherings.