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  • naches

    n. "Proud pleasure, special joy--particularly from the achievements of a child... 2. Psychological reward or gratification." (Rosten)

  • nachon

    interj. Correct, right.

  • Nachshon

    n. Trailblazer, initiator, Someone who takes a risk when others are not willing to.

  • nafke mine

    n. Practical difference.

  • nalashevet

    interj. Please sit.

  • name game

    n. The attempt to identify whether someone is Jewish based upon whether their name 'sounds' Jewish.

  • narishkeit

    n. "A triviality." (Rosten)

  • navi

    n. Prophet; class on Prophets.

  • nebach

    interj., adv. "Unfortunately."

  • nebbish

    n. Nerdy, clumsy, awkward person.

  • neder

    n. A vow.

  • nedivut

    n. Generosity.

  • negel vasser

    n. Literally "nail water"; refers to the practice of washing one's hands immediately after waking.

  • negiah

    n. "Touching"; usually used in the phrase "shomer negiah", which is the custom of avoiding touch with members of the opposite sex outside of one's family.

  • nekiyus hadibur

    n. Literally "purity of one's speech."

  • neros

    n. Candles.

  • nes

    n. Miracle.

  • neshama

    n. Soul.

  • nesiah tovah

    interj. "Have a good trip"; bon voyage.

  • nice Jewish boy

    n. Jewish male, in pop culture it often indicates nebbishy traits and lack of traditional masculinity.

  • nicht shabbos geret

    interj. Not to speak of on Shabbat (used when a subject is not suitable for the Holy Shabbat, primarily business and money manners, to indicate that one shouldn't discuss it). Usually followed by a short comment about the "forbidden" subject.

  • nidche

    v. Pushed off, set aside. Usually referring to a fast day, which cannot be on a Saturday, so the fast is "pushed off" until Saturday night / Sunday.

  • niddah

    n. Menstrual impurity; often used to refer to the entire body of Jewish law surrounding the practice of abstaining from intercourse during the menstrual cycle.

  • nifter

    v. Deceased.

  • nigun

    n. "A wordless melody; a tune." (JPS)

  • nikayon

    n. Time set aside for cleaning / tidying up (at camp).

  • Nisan

    n. The seventh month of the Jewish calendar (or first if counting from it).

  • nisayon

    n. Trial and tribulation; a test of faith.

  • Nisht do gedacht

    interj. It shouldn't happen.

  • nisht geshtoygn un nisht gefloygn

    (sentence) "It's nonsense!" or "That's nonsense!"

  • nishtikeit

    n. A nobody.

  • nittel nacht

    n. Christmas Eve.

  • No Estamos Por Esto

    Literally "We Are Not For This", but used to separate oneself and/or one's family, community or people from something they don't any part of. "That's not for us", or "we don't do that sort of thing", or "I really don't like it"

  • no-goodnik

    n. Bad person, scoundrel (sometimes humorous or affectionate).

  • no-goodnik

    n. A bad person.

  • noch

    adv. Still, yet, moreover.

  • nogeia

    adj. Related to, relevant to, pertaining to.

  • nogeia b'dovor

    n. One who has a vested interest in something; not a disinterested party.

  • noodge

    v. Bore, pester, nag.

  • nosh

    v. To snack or eat; a snack.

  • nosherai

    n. Snacks.

  • nu

    interj. So what?; so?; hurry up already.

  • nudnik

    n. "A pest, a nag, an annoyer, a monumental bore." (Rosten)