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  • l'chaim

    interj. Traditional toast. [lit. "to life" (Rosten)]

  • L'dor va'dor

    adv. From generation to generation.

  • l'hachis

    adv. Spitefully; deliberately; literally "in order to anger."

  • l'havdil

    interj. To make a distinction (between two very different things).

  • l'shalom

    interj. "In peace," lit. "to (or toward) peace."

  • la kashya

    interj. Not a problem, no difficulty. When two (Talmudic) opinions appear to contradict each other, "la kashya" signals that a resolution is at hand.

  • labriut

    interj. "Bless you." (after someone sneezes) [lit., "to health"] (Glinert)

  • Ladino

    n. Judeo-Spanish language.

  • Lag BaOmer

    n. The thirty-third day of the Omer on which the Omer's customs of semi-mourning pause for a day and on which it is a tradition to hold a bonfire and celebrate.

  • laila tov

    interj. "Good night."

  • lain

    v. To chant torah, haftarah or megillah.

  • lamah lo?

    interj. "Why not?"; "there's no reason not to.

  • lamden

    n. A proficient Talmudic scholar.

  • Land of Israel

    n. Not just the state of Israel but the physical place.

  • landsman

    n. Someone who comes from the same or nearby hometown, especially if one or both of you no longer lives there and all the more so if one or both now live far away from home, in which case an entire region (e.g., metro NY) or country e.g., Poland) may be the point of connection.

  • lapa

    n. An animal's paw, dirty hands, especially that of a child or a lascivious man.

  • lashon hara

    n. "Gossip." (lit. "evil tongue") (JPS)

  • latka

    n. "A potato pancake [fried in oil traditionally eaten on Chanukah.]" (Rosten)

  • lav

    n. A scriptural prohibition.

  • lay leader

    n. A member of the board of directors for a Jewish non-profit organization.

  • learn

    v. "To be involved in the acquisition of Torah knowledge through reading and reflection, or to do so as an occupation: STUDY." (Weiser)

  • lechatchila

    adv. "To begin with; altogether." (Weiser, Frumspeak)

  • lechoira

    adv. Seemingly as such while allowing for the possibility of the opposite; apparently; ostensibly. (Weiser)

  • lehitraot

    interj. "Goodbye for now, see you again soon" (JPS) "see you later."

  • leibedik

    adv. Lively, enthusiastic; warm, heartfelt.

  • leichter

    n. A small candle holder used to light the Sabbath candles, or the candelabrum itself.

  • lekech

    n. "Honey cake, traditionally served on Rosh Hashanah... made with honey, eggs, cinnamon, and, often, coffee" (JPS).

  • lekvar

    n. Prune filling.

  • lemaan Hashem

    adv. "Definitely."

  • leshana tova tikateivu

    (sentence) "(May you) be inscribed for a good year (in the Book of Life)!" A formal greeting exchanged by Ashkenazim on Rosh Hashanah.

  • levaye

    n. Funeral.

  • leytsanus

    n. Silliness; buffoonery.

  • licht bentschen

    n. The time at which it is prescribed to light candles for Shabbat or yontif (18 minutes before shkiah [sunset, which officially begins Shabbat/yontif]).

  • light

    v. Light Shabbat or holiday candles.

  • ligner

    n. Liar.

  • limmud

    n. "Jewish subject of study; learning or instruction in Jewish subjects" (Steinmetz, Dictionary of Jewish Usage).

  • limonana

    n. Mint lemonade.

  • limudei kodesh

    n. "Holy studies"; Jewish religious studies.

  • linker

    n. Leftist, socialist, secularist.

  • Litvak

    n. A Jew with ancestry in Lithuania or nearby regions.

  • Litvish

    adj. "Lithuanian"; associated with the rational, intellectual culture of Lithuanian Jewry; Yeshivish.

  • lo aleynu

    interj. "I hope it won't happen to us"; "God forbid" lit. "not unto us."

  • lo matim

    adj. Inappropriate.

  • lobbus

    n. A young mischievous person with a lot of chutzpah.

  • lokh in cup

    interj. "Hole in the head." (Rosten)

  • lokshen

    n. Noodles.

  • lomdus

    n. Logic, reason.

  • lonso

    n. Stupid person, bear.

  • LOR

    n. Local Orthodox Rabbi.

  • loshn

    n. Language; jargon.

  • lox

    n. Smoked salmon.

  • luftmensch

    n. "An impractical contemplative person having no definite business or income." (Merriam-Webster)

  • lulav

    n. Palm branch used ritually on Sukkot.

  • LWMO

    n. 'Left wing Modern Orthodox'. The liberal wing of Modern Orthodoxy, in both attitude and observance.