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  • J.E.R.K

    n. Jewish Educated Religious Kid.

  • JalapeƱo Bagel

    n. A person of Hispanic (non-Jewish) and Jewish origins.

  • JAP

    n. "Jewish American Princess": a Jewish teenager or young adult who is pretentious and snobby, and usually rich.

  • Jappy

    adj. (Pejorative) like a JAP.

  • JBA

    n. Jew by Association.

  • JDate

    n. A popular dating site for Jewish singles.

  • JDub

    n. An American Jew who is not Syrian (usually refers to Ashkenazim).

  • Jew Bub

    n. "Jewish Bubble"; the network of Jewish organizations and social circles in which Jews interact mostly with other Jews.

  • Jew by Choice

    n. A convert to Judaism.

  • Jew crew

    n. Group of Jews who hang out together.

  • Jewbarrassment

    n. Negative feeling people get when they make a mistake or don't know something relating to Jewish culture or observance.

  • Jewdar

    n. Ability to detect individuals' Jewishness (on analogy with "gaydar" and ultimately "radar") .

  • Jewfro

    n. A large, frizzy hairstyle, sported by a Jewish man.

  • Jewish geography

    n. A "game" in which Jews attempt to identify common friends or acquaintances.

  • Jewish professional

    n. An employee, excluding support staff, of an institution, including a synagogue, non-profit organization, and school, specifically or largely devoted to a Jewish cause or agenda.

  • Jewishly

    adv. Related to or in a manner that accords with religious or cultural values or knowledge common or important to the Jewish people.

  • Jewishness

    n. Ethnic or cultural Jewish identity, as distinct from "Judaism"

  • Jewitch

    n. A Jew who is a witch or pagan.

  • Jews of Color

    n. A pan-ethnic term that identifies Jews who are not white. It generally includes Jews who are Black, Asian, Latino/a/x, Native American, mixed race, and it sometimes also includes Jews with ancestry in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Jewy

    n. Highly identified Jewishly, either outwardly in terms of actions and affiliations, or inwardly based on self-definition.

  • JFK

    n. Acronym: "Just for Kiddush." A joking or dismissive designation for a person who skips Saturday morning services but arrives at synagogue for the kiddush luncheon

  • Jidoh

    n. Grandfather.

  • justo

    adj. True, right.