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  • I wish you well to wear it

    (sentence) A saying uttered on seeing a friend or relative wearing a new garment or accessory. It is value-neutral, not implying that the garment is nice, just that it is new.

  • ichsa

    interj. An expression of disgust.

  • igros

    n. The multi-volume collection of letters by the Lubavitcher Rebbe that is often used as a kind of an oracle.

  • im yirtzeh hashem

    (sentence) if God wills it, God willing (used when making plans for or describing the future).

  • in a gite shu

    (sentence) At the right time.

  • inside

    adj. Dealing with a text directly .

  • inyan

    n. Significance within Jewish law.

  • ipcha mistabra

    interj. "The opposite is more reasonable"; "you have it backwards."

  • iser

    n. Prohibition.

  • isru chag

    n. "The day after the end of Pesach, Sukkos, and Shavuos, regarded as a semi-holiday on which mourning is curbed and fasting prohibited." (Dictionary of Jewish Usage)

  • Itchy

    n. Ashkenazi Jew.

  • Iyar

    n. The eighth month of the Jewish calendar (or second if counting from Nisan).

  • iyun

    n. Study, "examination of sources to develop a coherent, educated opinion." (Weiser)